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We are a Not-for-Profit, we are Non-Political and Non-Religious organization. Set up to champion the emancipation of Africans.

Shining AfriTest is an acronym for Shining Africans Testimonies. “Generations Comfort is our driving force. Registered since 2013, under the Companies and Allied Matters Act No 1of 1990 Part CA.


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Aim And Objectives.

To be a comfort as an individual and blessing as a team, to be an audible voice of love, faith, and hope.
To change Africans mind-set positively.
To actively engage in the area of Leadership Development(especially grassroots leadership development).
To be an effective social and political advocacy group (becoming the voice to the voiceless).
To be the leading force in the liberation and building of Africans for optimum productivity.
To render humanitarian services without being culturally, religiously, ethnically and racially biased.
To make use of music, or any other literary instrument(s) deemed fit by our movement to engage, inform, and educate the youths.

Mission & Vision Statement

Our Mission

To continually break new grounds- maximizing the primary purpose of media.

To constantly develop and upgrade our media knowledge-base. And to be a major leading media organization in Nigeria and beyond.

Our Mission

To change Africans mindset positively through the help of God.

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We will gladly appreciate your generous hand of giving donations to any projects, events or cause. You reach and transform lives for the better. Join your hand with us for a better life and beautiful future.

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